How do I have the amount changed?

If your case is handled through this office and you think the amount of child support you receive is incorrect, you may fill out this form and return it to us. We will generate a packet of information that you will need to complete before a motion to modify can be filed. That packet can be mailed or emailed to you (please include your e-mail address when you return this form).

If you are a non-custodial parent who thinks you may be eligible for a modification,instructions on how to file a motion and a sample motion can be found here.

Any motion to modify support must be filed with the same court that originally set the support. Only a court order signed by a judge can legally change the amount of child support. If both parties agree, an agreed order can be signed by both sides and the judge. Without an agreement, there must be a hearing in court and the judge decides if the amount should be changed.

All motions for modification must be accompanied by the following information:

A. If there was there a divorce? In cases where the support order was from a divorce, the new Family Court Rules of Procedure and Practicerequire the following information before a motion to modify can be filed:

1. A completed child support guidelines worksheet

2. Copies of your last three pay stubs (or proof of current income if you are self employed).